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"In Vegas" Productions: Hire a Las Vegas Magician or a Las Vegas DJ... A great addition to every occasion - Magic to add some "Fun" to the Party and a Mobile DJ to "Rock" the party! Background music for Cocktail Hour and Dance Music that's always appropriate for Weddings or Company parties. The most fun you'll ever have at your next Las Vegas event! Check it out!

Downtown Las Vegas Hotels: The perfect place to find a hotel in the heart of historic Downtown Las Vegas.

Pogo Games: Lots of Fun, FREE on-line games to play. Warning! This site can be addictive!

Magic Party Supplies: A fun site full of all the "Magic Themed" party supplies you'll need - Banners, favors, napkins, plates... You name it, it's all there!

Personalized Party Favors: Planning a banquet and want to include some tasty party favors for your guests? You've come to the right place.

Large Scale Trains: Be a kid all over again! Connect with the oldest and largest web site dedicated to Large Scale Trains. Check it out! Lots of fun!

Bonneville 2000 DVD: Home of the Land Speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats. From start to finish, this Bonneville DVD takes you in the pits and down the track. A fun, fast-paced Bonneville DVD like you've never experienced before. See all the cars, all the excitement!

MagicInVegas: is another place to find us listed on the web.

Cory the Magician: Cory is a lot of fun for your next Corporate Event!